Pet Studio - Our Little souls, Belgrade, Serbia

Pet Studio - Our little souls


          2009- 2011

Our little white princess Saba left us 03.05.2011. in terrible car crash and now she is somewhere over the rainbow....Stil we can not beleive that she is gone we have only her pictures and memories of her every single look, caddle, run & jump,playing, sleeping and enormous love that she gives us ...we are  here just to cry for our little soul. Too soon and too fast you have left us is impossible to describe all this pain and sorrow that we feel about you and our loss..THANK YOU to let us to have you and to love you... THANK YOU for your every warm sweet look and for bunch of kisses that you gave us... THANK YOU for sharing your little and short life with us and making our lives so beautiful and nice... THANK YOU for making us a better people... THANK YOU for your huge huge and so special love...beautifull little angel will live forever and ever with us....hope that some day , somewhere we will find eachother again sweety and run, play & laugh together again....WE LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH...

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