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Pet Studio - About us

Our first dog JASENAK. SPANISH EYES - AGA came to our home when our youngest son Stefan was only 3 months old, same age  as ?g?. The dog, which was now surrounded by a bunch of children, became a part of our happy family!!! We became a larger and happier family thanks to this one additional member!!
When we were making decision which dog to choose, it was the most important to us to find a big dog, which does not molt, smell, bark, make too much noise and which is not scared. Advised by dog experts we got involved in the adventure called a family, children and a big, big dog!!!
We adore white poodles, but we fell in love with a black one, with the darkest eyes in the world, which protects us and loves bunches!!!
Our family now has two more doggy members so the doggy gang counts three of them now. Our dogs are in the show race and we are all involved in it. The only truth is that we all enjoy in show time hanging together at the dogs shows and in the show rings, sharing happiness and joy for every new victory.

We are very pleased with our dogs and so happy to have them together.

Our standard poodles are: JASENAK SPANISH EYES -AGA
                                       JASENAK MODERN ART - MITRA
                                       HUFFISH MOVING ON - SABA

Family and life choice for us is to have a dog is a standard poodle...we have found our breed. They are realy our soul mates.

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